FOR PARTY RENTALS, please select a date to check availability as you browse!
Pricing reflects the 3-day rental period.

Common Questions

Why choose The BASH! for your party?

We encourage you to check with our competitors and research their prices and rental policies. You will find that The BASH! offers very reasonable rental rates with exceptional customer service. We are helpful, friendly and interested in the success of your special event.

What do I do if my event date is on Saturday or Wednesday?

Our rental periods are either Thursday to Saturday or Sunday to Tuesday.

If your event is on a Saturday, choose the Thursday to Saturday rental period and we will give you until Sunday to return (or for us to pick up) – no extra charge.

If your event is on a Wednesday, choose the Sunday to Tuesday rental period and we will give you until Thursday to return (or for us to pick up) – no extra charge.

Do you offer delivery services?

If you are located in the Metro Atlanta area, we offer delivery services by truck. Once you book your order, a BASH employee will call or email you to arrange a delivery date and time. Our employees will verify your order and answer any questions you have about your equipment before she/he leaves. Please see our Rental Policy for delivery fees.

Delivery is to first floor level. If items are requested to be delivered to a different area, up or down steps, onto elevators or over a long distance, additional charges may occur. Delivery does not include set-up or breakdown of items, unless otherwise stated online in the item description. Setup and breakdown services are available for an additional fee.

In preparation for rental item pick-up, equipment should be stacked and ready for pick-up in the same area where the items were delivered.

Delivery charges are calculated by distance from our warehouse. Most of our items are available for pick-up from our warehouse in Duluth, GA. Some items, such as our tiki bar, require special delivery because of size. Check our delivery fees for more details about pricing. When you add an item to your shopping cart that requires delivery, it will say "Delivery required" right before your grand total.

What if I am not local?

If you want to have rental items shipped or trucked to a location outside of metro Atlanta, please call our offices to see if it can be arranged 404 437-6136.

Who do I talk to if I have a question or a concern?

You can speak to an employee of The BASH! during our normal business hours Monday to Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm. If you leave a message by phone or email outside of business hours, we will get back to you ASAP.

What if something breaks or gets lost while I am renting it?

If something breaks during your rental, we will evaluate whether it is a normal wear-and-tear failure or damage caused through misuse by you or your guest. If it is normal wear and tear then you are off the hook. If your nephew loaded one of our confetti cannons with paintballs and shot at Grandma, you will be charged full replacement costs (of the damaged item, not Grandma). Keep an eye on your nephew, will you!

If you fail to return your rentals on time, we will charge you an additional rental period for every three days you are late. After six days, you will be charged the replacement cost of your rental items in addition to the extra rental fees. We are very reasonable and may waive extra rental periods if you have contacted us and made arrangements for a late return in advance.

Can I trust The BASH! with my special event rentals?

YES! We will do everything in our power to give you excellent products and services. If something goes wrong we will try to make it right – fast. If we can't, then we will compensate you fairly and quickly. Our goal is to exceed your expectation of good customer service.

How do I know if the items I want are available on my date?

Our website is designed to allow you to book items ONLY if they're available for the dates you've selected for your event. As you add items to the shopping cart, bear in mind that others may be adding the same items to their cart for the same dates – it's important to note that nothing in your cart is reserved until you checkout. At that point you'll receive an automated email confirming your party rentals.

What if I have made a reservation but I have to change my party date because of weather, illness, or another problem?

We will do all we can to move your rental reservation to another date free of charge, but we cannot guarantee it. Someone else may have your new date already reserved. Please review our rental policy for more details on cancellations.